Shhh - Email Exclusive Offer

Affiliate Grandmasters Exclusive

I hit 20,000 followers on Twitter 🤯

In honor of that

You get an exclusive offer to join our Discord

Affiliate Grandmasters

For just $20 a month 🔥

I’m posting a thank you announcement on Monday

Opening up the opportunity to the first 20 people

But because you are a part of my email list

You get the announcement early

To take advantage of this deal

Use the below link

Please note:  This is for new members only and does not apply to any members who were a AGM member in the last 14 days. Anyone caught taking advantage of this promo and is not a new member, will have their membership cancelled without a refund.

Let’s get you started leveling up today!

Please also don’t share this publicly until you see a Tweet from me Monday morning. You are welcome to share this via the DMs though.

Discount code = 20k 🔥

Join AGM Today!

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