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New Service - Midnight Underdog Mentorship/RT Packages

Are you looking to elevate your growth on Twitter?

Really take it to the next level?

My name is Midnight Underdog for those who don't know, @midnightudog on Twitter.

I've built a Twitter following of just over 23,000 followers in a year and I want to help you too.

Starting today I'm introducing my newest offering!

Grow With Midnight Underdog

What's included you might ask?

There are three different packages available!

Basic Package - 7 Days

- Includes 7 Days of RTs and 7 RTs total

Basic Package - 30 Days

- Includes 30 Days of RTs and 30 RTs total

Premium Package

- FREE Twitter Growth Guide to help you take advantage of your Twitter Growth ($44.95 value)

*Smart Twitter Growth Guide by Smart Money and has over 42,000 Twitter followers

- Two FREE Affiliate Marketing Courses

*Checkmate Affiliate Marketing by Midnight Underdog ($65 value)

*Brick by Brick by BrickGems ($60 value)

- Free 1-month membership to Affiliate Grandmasters to help you take your growth to the next level, and take advantage of any affiliate opportunities ($25 value)

- Daily RTs from Midnight Underdog for a month (Limited to 30 RTs)


One thing I'm a firm believer in is that when your focus on growth, sales will come. I've seen it through my personal experience on Twitter and wouldn't be where I am today without that mindset.

Please Note

There will be no refunds for any of these packages. Nor will there be any affiliate opportunities

Grow With Midnight Underdog

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