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My students are having $1,000 months from Affiliate Marketing

I'm not one to brag.

But seeing this one Tweet.

I got to give a shoutout to the crew.

Doing this day in and out to help ya'll is why I do what I do.

Just knowing that I can help make a difference in your life. 

Fuels me that much further.

You can make real money like this.


By following the strategies, joining the community, and investing in yourself.

There are 5 things that I recommend that should be required for all new affiliate marketers on social media to have.

I'm going to lay them out below and break them down between courses and subscription groups.


1) Checkmate Affiliate Marketing

2) Twitter Cash Machine

3) Smart Twitter Growth


1) Affiliate Grandmasters

2) Smart Engagement Community

This shows my current pending payouts. 

This money is pending for money earned between Saturday March 13th, and Tuesday March 23th.

Over 10 days I have made $2,108.12.

The best part yet, the pay period doesn't even close until Friday, March 26th.

I started my Twitter account and focused on online income starting on May 13th, 2020. 

10 months later I am making $1,000 paychecks.

If that doesn't wake you up to the power on online money.

I don't know what will.

My course is Checkmate Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Grandmasters. 

The other 3 recommendations are guides and groups that you can take advantage of to change your life.

Focus on growth and sales will come.

Invest in Yourself

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