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Monday Deals of the Day - May 3rd, 2021

I hope you had an excellent weekend and a great start to your Monday!

Wanted to share with you some deals of the deal if you are looking to start a new stream.

Some of these deals have insane discounts.

iPhone Repair Academy - On sale for $32.67 off -

Print That Profits - On sale for just $17 ($50 value) -

Phone Flipping Academy - On sale for just $35 ($97 value) -

MMB - On sale for $25 a month for new members ($45 a month value) -

Cyber Money - On sale for $35 -

Tweet2Earn - On sale for $20 -

IG Empire - 50% off with code "NS50" -

Please note

All of the above offer 50% affiliate commission except for Phone Flipping Academy. That is offered through a separate package. 

I have all of these courses myself and highly recommend them.

Hope you have a great day!

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