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IMPORTANT: Why Subscription Groups are GOLD 💰

I shared this on Twitter

And wanted to share this with you too

If you are doing any sort of affiliate marketing

And aren’t actively promoting subscription groups

That are on Gumroad

You are missing out on a gold mine

Imagine this...

You get an affiliate sale to a subscription group

On January 1st, 2021

You sold this person once

Well a month later, 2 months later, even 6 months later

You are still getting income from that sale on January 1st

You stop

You think about it

You only had to sell this person ONCE

They get access to a bada$$ community

While you get paid 

Imagine if you did that on a $100 sale and earned 50% commission each time

Over 6 months that’s $300 in your pocket for a sale you made 6 months ago

Now imagine if you sold just 100 people on that same deal

That turns into $30,000 over 6 months

Do that for 200 people and that’s $120,000 over a year if they all stay active

You build that up over a couple of years

Have 1,000 people subscribed

Those 1,000 people are generating you $50,000 a month a $50 a sale

All for one time sales

Now I know

You say MUD that’s just not possible

You’re right

With that mindset there is no way you’ll be able to do that

But if you keep building

Day in and day out

You’ll get there easily

Head over to my most recent Tweet and check out my top subscription groups I recommend

Do you have to remain an active member?


But 2 sales a month pays for your membership

Add in a bonus of most of these groups have new sign up bonuses

You’d have to be crazy to not promote subscription groups 

Top Subscription Groups

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